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Roll with Z’s, Plant Some Trees

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Z’s Life is a New York based design company committed to creating stylish and timeless smoking accessories to enhance the joint rolling experience. Z’s Life began when its founder, Izaak Cohen, was just eighteen years old. He always had a passion for creativity and innovation but was unsure of how to utilize these talents to their full potential. While taking a gap year after high school, he worked for his brothers’ leather goods company (Maximum Henry), which inspired him to tap into his artistic side. Cohen realized that he could take this inspiration and put it towards something he was already passionate about: cannabis.

On a summer’s day in 2015, Cohen bought some cardstock and began cutting, folding, gluing and assembling, eventually making the very first prototype of what would become the Z’s Life signature ZBooks.

ZBooks are rolling paper booklets, made up of high-quality papers and filters. Through trial and error they have developed from being Cohen’s form of artistic expression, to pieces of solid art he is able to share with the world.

“I was really inspired by paper, and the tactical feel of rolling joints. I am infatuated with the act of rolling and the ritual around it, I found myself liking rolling more than being high,” said Cohen. “I really liked working with my hands, which led me to think about how there aren’t any beautiful rolling papers on the market and how I could work to change that.”

Soon after Cohen had created the first ZBook, he began attending Skidmore College in New York as a student athlete. It didn’t take him long to realize that he wanted to turn his attention towards his artistic abilities, and about two weeks into the semester he dropped sports and focused on his blossoming business idea full time. Throughout the four years that Cohen spent at college he was dedicated to turning Z’s Life into an empire . He entered into the Skidmore College alumni funded Kenneth A. Freirich Entrepreneurship Competition, and over the span of his college career, he managed to raise $30,000 for Z’s Life.

Cohens drive for entrepreneurship and craftsmanship transcends beyond himself. “I am greatly inspired to develop a company that will surpass a four year education, and, you know, be around longer than me.”

After graduating in May 2020, Cohen has been working at Z’s Life full time. His combined passion for entrepreneurship and cannabis has been crucial in the process of creating products that elevate style and make users feel good about themselves.

All ZBooks are handcrafted by artisans in Europe who expertly assemble each booklet with 50 ultra-thin rolling papers and 50 filters, bound together with a gold plated magnetic clasp. ZBooks currently come in two sizes, standard or king, and are available in a dynamic range of designs and colors. From funky holographic and glitter designs to solid and sophisticated colors, it is ensured that there is a ZBook to fit anyone’s personal aesthetic.

“At Z’s Life, we believe the objects we use in our daily lives reflect our sensibilities and have the potential to empower us,” said Cohen. “This philosophy encourages us to produce timeless objects that provide a sense of wonderment and joy to its owner. The books are made of the finest cardstock, with a sleek and classic design to create a new image for the art of smoking by beautifying the ritual of rolling.”

Not only do ZBooks look great, they have also been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are free of any pesticides and heavy metals. These harmful ingredients are found very commonly in many rolling papers on the market. After passing all tests, ZBooks have been deemed Certified Organic.

Z’s Life emphasizes environmental sustainability, and is sensitive to the degradation of the environment and how the business may exacerbate mother earth’s carbon footprint. Through partnering with the non-profit, One Tree Planted, when a select ZBook is purchased one tree is planted. This reforestation project plants trees that purify our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, and create jobs for social impact.

Through this initiative Z’s Life has planted over 1800 trees and counting, most of which are thriving under the California sun. When you roll with Z’s, you are not only tapping into your own creative style and aesthetic, you are giving back to nature and reducing your own carbon footprint.

Evolving from a small passion project to the highest quality rolling papers on the market, ZBooks are changing the way we roll joints.

Izaak Cohen: The Marijuana Times

Published: 2021-02-05 20:06:58

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