Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health
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Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health

Executive Producer: James Schmachtenberger
Director & Producer: Lindsey Ward
Director of Photography: Troy Brajkovich

In this myth-shattering, information-packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health.
Topics include:
*What the consensus is from over 15000 scientific and medical trials
*What conditions have been proven to benefit from medical marijuana
*Its historical use as medicine dating back over 5300 years
*Methods of delivery and their different advantages
*Government sponsored studies intended to show Marijuana having negative effects that yielded the exact opposite results
*Common myths about negative effects of Marijuana and what the research really says about these topics

This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant.

Marijuana MovieLindsey WardVisual Earth MediaJames Schmachtenberger

Published: Saturday, February 19, 2011, at 1:11 AM EST

Original Vimeo video here

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