Phytoremediation and Carbon Capture: Using Cannabis to Combat Climate Change | by MCR Labs | Jan, 2021

Phytoremediation and Carbon Capture: Using Cannabis to Combat Climate Change

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Will cannabis save the world? Not by itself, but here are two ways it might play a key role in creating a healthier environment.

By Joe Crinkley — January 5, 2021

As scientists and journalists continue leading the discussion around mitigating mankind’s impact on the environment and what steps are needed to slow or reverse the effects of climate change, cannabis is an increasingly common topic within the conversation.

From hemp-based plastics or building materials to using the plant as a source of renewable energy, there is a lot of buzz about how “cannabis can save the world.” While this statement is a bit hyperbolic, two features of the plant’s biology have been getting increased attention for their potential environmental benefits–phytoremediation and carbon capture.

In environmental science, the term…

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Published: 2021-01-05 00:00:00

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