China’s Tmall Embraces U.S.-Made Hemp Beauty Line Hempathy

China’s Tmall Embraces U.S.-Made Hemp Beauty Line Hempathy

“This is not another CBD brand. Hempathy is the first U.S.A. pure hemp-seed oil beauty brand to launch in China,” says Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO and founder of Future State Brands, when sharing an exclusive first look into the launch of his brand in China.

In partnership with Yooma Corp., a CBD and hemp social commerce company focused on Asian markets, Future State Brands is launching its Hempathy brand on Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform. Customers in China will now be able to get the hemp-based skincare products made in the U.S. via the Peach & Coco Tmall Global store, a Yooma-owned eCommerce retailer.

A Rapidly Growing Market

According to Sutton-Shearer, Future State Brands’ decision to enter the Chinese market responded to the rising demand for natural products containing cannabinoids.

“China is in the early stages of a legalization of cannabinoid products like CBD and hemp; it’s reminiscent of the journey in North America. With topical cannabinoid skin care now legal, hundreds of brands have applied for CFDA registration (a legal registration for retail distribution) over the last year and a half,” he says. “Marrying that with the fact the Asia Pacific region is the world largest cosmetics market, the opportunity was ripe for Future State Brands to launch plant-powered skincare brand Hempathy into China as a first mover hemp-only premium beauty brand from the USA.”

The executive explains that, while there have been a few Western-owned CBD brands that launched in China recently, Hempathy is the first U.S.-made, pure hemp-seed oil beauty brand to launch in the country.

The announcement comes barely a month after Uncle Bud’s, a hemp and CBD brand backed by Earvin “Magic” Johnson launched its CBD products line in the Asian country.

A Challenging Endeavor

While the Chinese market has huge potential, barriers to entry are a bit higher than usual, and so is reaching consumers. Thus, the partnership with Yooma.

“Yooma co-CEO Ron Wardle has spent the better part of 30 years helping to launch and manage brands in the Asia Pacific markets,” explains Sutton-Shearer. “The company has an international and multicultural team of experts who have enabled us to launch within our desired timeline.”

Yooma co-CEO, Ron Wardle concludes: “China represents an incredible opportunity for Hempathy and we are thrilled to be working with Drake and his team, streamlining their launch and growth on Tmall Global. We recognize the rising demand from Chinese consumers seeking the latest global beauty trends including new ingredients like hemp infused beauty products.”

Javier Hasse, Senior Contributor

Published: 2020-11-24 12:40:00

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