Lil Wayne's Cannabis to Hit Shelves in Colorado

Lil Wayne’s Cannabis to Hit Shelves in Colorado

Benjamin M. Adams: Dope Magazine

Colorado smokers now have a reason to rejoice. GKUA Ultra Premium cannabis products—endorsed by multimillionaire rapper Lil Wayne—will be available at finer dispensaries throughout Colorado, according to a January 25 press release, in the latest update from the top-shelf cannabis brand.

“GKUA is about inspiring people, it’s about a feeling. Now Colorado will get to experience the quality and potency of that GKUA,” said Lil Wayne.

The products have been available in California since December 2019, but it will be a first-time opportunity for Colorado retailers. GKUA recently partnered with Colorado-based Harmony Extracts to produce potent, terpene-rich strains, as well as oils, live sauces and live concentrates. The line offers seven hybrids, including Wedding Cake, Tangidos and Sex Grenade. GKUA will also provide THC Vape Oil and Live Sauce.

The products will initially be available at 32 dispensaries across the state. For a full list of retailers in Colorado, use the “Weezy Weed Finder” on the GKUA website.

It was through hard work that the variety of cultivars with bold flavor is available. “Cultivating the very best cannabis is our passion and we are laser focused on doing it well,” said Harmony’s Head Grower in Colorado, Doc Johnson. Jeremy Johnson, the Lab Director at Harmony added, “We’re delighted to work with Lil Wayne and the entire GKUA team to bring these rare best-of-breed products to market that are designed to inspire people and fuel creativity.” 

At launch, GKUA will be available in dispensaries across the state of Colorado, including special Lil Wayne Signature Vape Battery collaborations with Wolfpac, The Herbal Cure, Cannabis Depot and Emerald Fields, all of which will carry a full line of GKUA products.

Lil Wayne suffers from epileptic seizures, in which cannabis can be beneficial, but the rapper remains fairly tight-lipped about if he uses cannabis for medical purposes. At least a dozen other rappers and producers have released similar lines of cannabis products in recent years.

Benjamin M. Adams: Dope Magazine

Published: 2021-01-29 16:00:57

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