Marshawn Lynch's 24-Karat-Infused Blunts Set to Launch

Marshawn Lynch’s 24-Karat-Infused Blunts Set to Launch

Photos Courtesy Dodi Blunts

Marshawn Lynch, the former Seahawks running back, is blinging out his blunts with his new top-tier line of diamond-infused cannabis. Lynch calls his hard-hitting play in the cannabis sector Dodi Blunts, offering blunts infused with 24-karat diamonds.

The Hype Magazine reported that Lynch stated, “I’ve been around dodi most of my life. As I learned more about the business, the financial upside, the good that could be done, and the doors it could open, I knew it was something I needed to be rockin’ with. And at the end of the day, the industry has the ability to raise up Black and Brown communities—and I intend to lift up those who I can. Plus, dodi allows me to share with the world. What gets me (and my fam) in our zone, so others can get on my level.”

For those who haven’t heard of the word “dodi,” Urban Dictionary defines it as “the best of something.” The term is mainly used to depict potent cannabis. 

Dodi Blunts is the newest component of Lynch’s empire. His other ownership and private equity/joint ventures also include alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and eSports. Dodi Blunts is owned by Lynch, but the venture is a partnership with 2nd and Goal Ventures, which is based out of Toronto.

8 News Now reported that Jeff Goldenberg, 2nd and Goal founding partner, said, “Dodi Blunts challenges the traditional concept of ‘Game Day’ rituals and hopes to promote and normalize the relationship between sports and cannabis cultures.”

However, just as with everyone Lynch does, he’s adding to his Fam First Family Foundation work. In support of Dodi Blunts’ community-driven mission to uplift Black and Brown communities, the company is partnering with Last Prisoner Project (LPP) to work on cannabis-related criminal justice reform.

LPP’s mission is to help every cannabis prisoner leave the cell behind and rebuild their lives. By partnering with this organization, Lynch and the Dodi Blunts team will aid those who have been disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs.

Dodi Blunts is ready to hit dispensaries, Forbes reported. However, even with the close relationships established, they’ll have product available in just 24 to start with more products to follow. With a goal of reaching $10 million in gross sales during its first year operating, Dodi has high hopes for its premier craft blunts.

Louis Levey: Dope Magazine

Published: 2021-02-17 16:00:22

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