Comedy as a Gateway to Cannabis Education | Green Eye For the Stoner Guy

Comedy as a Gateway to Cannabis Education | Green Eye For the Stoner Guy

Smoking marijuana before it was the thing to do – Willie Nelson, Studdering John, & Jackie Martling smoke outs during years on the Howard Stern show.

Royce D’Orazio, Producer, Talent Manager and Founder, Royce’s Arcade Warehouse and Film Studio in Chatsworth, CA sits down with Green Bee Life’s Emily Ann Plizak, “BuzzCast,” Host and Gary Garver for a hilarious and an intelligent conversation on the state of cannabis and its impact on their consumption in everyday life.

Topics range from microdosing to marijuana rules and regulations to using comedy as a gateway to marijuana education. Royce represents both comedians Stuttering John Melendez and Jackie “Joke Man” Martling, who along with Gary were original cast members and writers on The Stern Show.  Stuttering John is the author of “Easy for You to Say,” and Jackie has just released a new book, “The Joke Man, Bow to Stern.” 

Royce and Green Bee Life are exploring and excited over the possibilities of comedy as a catalyst to educating the mass market about cannabis.  Green Bee Life is expanding its collaborations with comedians and producers and content creators to bring viewers original content that is informational, educational and entertaining.

“There’s a lot of sick people that could use marijuana” – Gary Garver

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2018-11-02 13:00:00

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