LIVE: Legalization Pros & Cons

LIVE: Legalization Pros & Cons

POT TV – LIVE coverage of “Legalization Pros & Cons“, a fundraiser for Cannabis Amnesty and NORML Canada.

Legalization Pros & Cons is a cannabis-friendly benefit event to raise funds for NORML Canada and Cannabis Amnesty!

As Canada approaches the two-year anniversary of Legalization, it’s high time to bring our cannabis community together to praise the positives and fix the negatives!

Join fellow cannabis enthusiasts on September 27th for an inspirational gathering to support the important work that still needs to be done. and are on the frontlines of lobbying for important issues of justice, liberation, and a truly free and fair legal cannabis landscape.

All donations raised from ticket sales and online contributions will be fully and evenly shared between NORML Canada and Cannabis Amnesty. (Donate online now.)

The benefit takes place on Sunday, September 27th online and at in Toronto, a safe and spacious adults-only outdoor legal cannabis lounge at 222 Spadina Avenue.

There will be high-profile speakers, comedians, and free prizes and giveaways for attendees – including cannabis products and accessories!

And if you can’t participate in person that day, that’s okay! The event will be broadcast live online via the www.Pot.TV and networks – and the fundraising drive will continue online for three weeks, ending on the two-year anniversary of Legalization in Canada, October 17th.

Cannabis Culture Magazine is matching the first $1,000 raised from the public, and encourages fellow cannabis businesses to join the “Donation Match Box” to help amplify the positive vibes!
Join us for this exciting opportunity to help make Legalization better, together!

Tickets can be purchased in advance online, or obtained with cash purchase at the venue before the event. COVID safety protocols will be followed, including social distance space for seating, as well as masks and hand sanitizer for attendees who need them. Cash ticket payments and cash donations will be handled only by attendees, who will put the money into a bucket of soapy water (with Dr. Bronner’s hemp soap, naturally!) to be cleaned and sanitized.

Online donations will be processed after the final day of the fundraiser drive on October 17th, and divided fully and equally between NORML Canada and Cannabis Amnesty. Cannabis Culture Magazine is matching the first $1,000 raised by the public and sponsoring the Toronto event. Do you own or operate a business that wants to join the “Donation Match Box” and match donations made by the public? Get in touch to help!
Please stay tuned for more news and details about this exciting opportunity to find safe connection amongst our community! We have a lot to celebrate as a movement, but we have a lot of work to do yet.

Let’s make Legalization better, together!

6:00pm — Welcome introduction by Jodie Emery, first prize giveaway
6:10pm — Speaker: Caryma Sa’d, NORML
6:20pm — Prize giveaway
6:30pm — Speaker: Annamaria Enenajor, Cannabis Amnesty
6:40pm — Prize giveaway
6:50pm — Speaker: Jack Lloyd, NORML
7:00pm — Prize giveaway
7:10pm — Speaker: Tyler James, Cannabis Amnesty
7:20pm — Prize giveaway
7:30pm — Comedy break
7:50pm — Thanks and closing statements from Jodie Emery, final prize giveaways
8:00pm — End of event

LIVE: Legalization Pros & Cons


Published: 2020-09-27

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