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CannabizTeam Launches CT Board Placement for Cannabis Companies

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CannabizTeam, the world’s largest cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm, has launched a new service line for cannabis companies: CT Board Placement. CT Board Placement assists cannabis industry clients in identifying and recruiting candidates for Board of Director positions who have a diverse blend of skills and experience that match the strategic direction of each client.

“Appointing the right non-executive directors is a critically important decision for all cannabis companies in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Liesl Bernard, CEO of CannabizTeam. “Recruiting directors in the cannabis space is a more complex process due to the relative youth of the industry and the lingering legacy legal nuances. Our goal with CT Board Placement is to help our clients find a diverse blend of candidates with relevant experience, strong character and reputation, proven judgment and leadership skills that will set them up for future success.”

Board of Director diversity reflects one of the core values of CT Board Placement, which is especially relevant as the cannabis industry has continued to lead corporate America in social equity and corporate social responsibility programs. CannabizTeam is committed to promoting fairness, justice and equity in the cannabis industry, and will work to fill Board of Director positions with individuals of all genders, religions and races.

CT Board Placement will also offer a Cannabis Director Development Program to help first-time directors learn the culture and nuances of the company they will serve as well as the broader cannabis industry. The Cannabis Director Development Program includes a detailed curriculum exploring the most relevant governance issues in North America, with a special focus on issues facing boards in the U.S., Canadian and Mexican cannabis markets.

CT Board Placement is a division of CannabizTeam Worldwide, which also operates CT Executive Search, CannabizTeam Direct Hire and CannabizTemp. Through its four staffing divisions, CannabizTeam fills more than 1,000 cannabis positions each year in all verticals of the industry across the globe. CannabizTeam’s proprietary database includes more than 100,000 successful executives with experience in and beyond the cannabis industry – an excellent resource for cannabis companies searching to fill Board of Director positions.

To learn more about CT Board Placement, visit:

CannabizTeam: The Marijuana Times

Published: 2021-01-28 04:01:13

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